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NCA Regional Town Halls

During the winter of 2012-2013, the National Climate Assessment is hosting town hall meetings in each region of the United States. These meetings will bring together climate change experts and users of climate change information, from academia; local, state, tribal, and Federal governments; non-profit organizations; and business and industry. Although the exact format for the meetings will vary somewhat, participants in these meetings will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the National Climate Assessment, the process leading to production of the Third National Climate Assessment Report, and the ways in which the public can contribute to its review
  • Talk with report authors, members of the National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee, and National Climate Assessment staff about how the information provided in National Climate Assessment products is and can be used in various decision making contexts
  • Share knowledge and information about local and regional efforts to respond to the impacts of climate change
  • Collaborate with other meeting participants to identify ways that their communities can participate in the long-term National Climate Assessment process

Meetings are currently scheduled for the following locations and dates:

  • Hawaii & Pacific Islands - Honolulu, HI – December 11, 2012. As a part of Pacific Islands Regional Climate Forum, more information here.
  • Southwest - San Diego, CA – January 18, 2013. More information here.
  • Northeast - Syracuse, NY – January 23, 2013. More information here.
  • Great Plains - Lincoln, NE – February 4, 2013. More information here.
  • Alaska & Arctic - Anchorage, AK – February 5, 2013. As a part of Alaska Forum on the Environment, presentations available here.
  • Midwest - Ann Arbor, MI – February 12, 2013. More information here.
  • Southeast - Tampa, FL – February 19, 2013. More information here.
  • Northwest - Portland, OR – March 12, 2013. More information here.
  • Oceans and Coasts - Washington, DC - April 22-23, 2013. More information here.

As summaries from these town hall meetings become available, they will be posted on the NCA's Workshops and Meeting Reports page. NCAnet partners are also planning events during the time that the Draft Third National Climate Assessment is available for public comment. A list of these events is available from the NCAnet Partner Activities page.

Engagement Strategy

On May 20th, 2011 the National Climate Assessment released its Engagement Strategy [pdf].


Much of the stakeholder engagement of the National Climate Assessment (NCA) will be accomplished through a network of partner organizations that can extend the NCA process and products to a broader audience. In the broadest sense, this “network of networks” (NCAnet) will include all of the organizations that deliberately work to connect the NCA with a broad array of stakeholders. More specifically, the NCA is also seeking to build long-term capacity to conduct and use assessments by cultivating partnerships with organizations that will participate in the sustained assessment process. Please visit the NCAnet site for more information about how your organization can partner with the NCA in NCAnet:

Technical Inputs

  • Guidance for Technical Input Teams

    The NCA staff and NCA Development and Advisory Committee (NCADAC) working groups have developed a number of initial guidance and informational documents for technical input teams.  These are available here.

  • Request for Inputs

    While Federal leadership will continue to play a significant role in the 2013 NCA and beyond, the National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee (NCADAC) recognizes and calls upon the increasing science capability and expertise across the United States to support its work. The diverse viewpoints of private industry, state and local governments, non-governmental organizations, professional societies, and impacted communities will ultimately contribute to a better informed and more useful NCA report.

    Individuals and teams are invited to submit technical inputs for consideration by the NCADAC in drafting NCA reports. More information about submitting expressions of interest in providing technical inputs and assessment capacity can be found in the following documents:

    • July 13, 2011 Federal Register Notice ("request for information") inviting the public to provide comments and expressions of interest in offering technical inputs or assessment capacity on topics related to the National Climate Assessment [pdf html]
    • September 7, 2011 Federal Register Notice providing an target deadline for expressions of interest of October 1, 2011 [pdf html

    Expressions of interest targeting the 2013 NCA report were initially requested by October 1, 2011. However, teams are still invited to provide expressions of interest describing new technical inputs and offers of assessment capacity. All expressions of interest, or questions about the expression of interest process, should be directed to Emily Cloyd (

    The inputs targeting the 2013 NCA report were due by March 1, 2012.  The NCA is accepting technical inputs for the sustained assessment process on a rolling basis. Please see the Federal Register Notice for a detailed timeline and more information.

If you have questions about any of these events, please contact Emily Cloyd at