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This page summarizes the decisions made by the National Climate Assessment Development and Advisory Committee (NCADAC) and the documents the committee has adopted in association with those decisions. The documents and decisions concern the operation of the committee, the content of the synthesis report(s), the sustained assessment process, and other important guidance and responsibilities.

The full and official meeting records of the NCADAC are available on a dedicated NOAA page. To view the Federal Register notices announcing the meetings of the NCADAC, please click here.

Chronology of Committee Meetings & Decisions 

Date Location Agenda Decisions Taken Adopted Documents Minutes
Feb 20-21, 2014
Washington, DC PDF 1. Request for the Executive Secretariat to continue to manage and coordinate the revisions to the final NCA3 and Highlights documents

Recommendation for development of an Indicators System and Selection of Proposed Pilot Indicators

Discussion and Conceptual Approval of Derivative Document Layout

Conceptual approval of web functionality for delivery of the report
1a. ES Authorization Decision

Timeline Decision

NCA Report Timeline, Approved

Indicators Decision

Indicators Proposal, Approved

Derivative Document Layout Decision

Web Functionality Decision
Nov 18, 2013
Teleconference PDF 1. Request to allow Executive Secretariat to manage and coordinate amendments to the NCA Report Timeline

2. Request to allow the Executive Secretariat to manage and coordinate the final submission of the Government Review Draft and Highlights documents
1a. Timeline Authorization Decision

1b. Updated NCA Report Timeline

2. Finalization Authorization Decision
Sept 9, 2013
Teleconference PDF 1. Executive Secretariat management and coordination of additional amendments to the NCA Report Timeline

2. Approval of the Sustained Assessment Special Report
1a. Updated NCA Timeline Decision Proposal

1b. Updated NCA Timeline

2a. SASR Decision Proposal

2b. SASRWG Draft Report

July 9-10, 2013
Washington, DC (NASA) PDF 1. Updated NCA Timeline

2. Authorization of the Executive Secretariat to finalize the Revised Draft Report

3. Conceptual overview of products and responsibilities for the Third National Climate Assessment Report rollout

4. Highlights Document outline and general approach

5. Updated Sustained Assessment Special Report Terms of Reference and Timeline
1.Updated NCA Timeline and Responsibility Schedule

2. Executive Secretariat Authorization for Draft Finalization

3. Draft Rollout Plan

4. Highlights Document Outline and Approach

5a. Updated SASRWG Terms of Reference

5b. SASRWG Timeline
May 13, 2013
Teleconference PDF 1. Sunsetting of the Sustained Assessment Working Group and postponement in establishment of the Regional, Sectoral, and Mitigation/Adaptation/Decision Support Working Groups

2. Updates to the NCA timeline
1. Proposal for Updated Working Groups

2. Proposal for Updated NCA Report Timeline
Jan 11, 2013
Teleconference PDF 1. Release of the NCADAC's Draft Third NCA Report for public comment

2. Amendment to the NCADAC Roles and Responsibilities to recuse Review Editors from review of their own comments
1. Public Draft of the Third NCA Quadrennial Report

2. NCADAC Roles and Responsibilities as amended
Nov 14-15, 2012
Silver Spring, MD (Civic Center) PDF 1. Updates to the NCA timeline

2. Terminology of "heat trapping gases" vs. "greenhouse gases" and use of an electronic glossary

3. Sustained Assessment Special Report proposed outline, timeline, and author selection approach

4. Procedure for handling public comment

5. Introduction to the concept of the 50-page summary document

6. Verbal request and recommendations for sustaining Tribal and Native Nations efforts
1. Updated NCA Timeline

2. n/a

3. Sustained Assessment Special Report proposal, outline, timeline, and author selection approach slides

4. Procedure for handling public comment

#5-6. n/a
Sept 27, 2012
Teleconference PDF 1. NCA Timeline

2. Sustained Assessment Special Report Proposal and Proposed Timeline

3. Participation, Communication, and Engagement Strategy
1. NCA Timeline

2a. Sustained Assessment Special Report Proposal

2b. Sustained Assessment Special Report Proposed Timeline

3a. Participation, Communication, and Engagement Strategy Background Document

3b. Participation, Communication, and Engagement Strategy Decision Document
Aug 15, 2012
Teleconference PDF 1. NCADAC Roles and Responsibilities

2. NCADAC Decision Making Process

3. Sustained Assessment and Process for Selection of Special Topics
1.Roles and Responsibilities

2. Consensus Background and Consensus Decision

3. Special Topics Proposal
June 14-15, 2012
Washington, DC (AGU) PDF 1. Format for the 2013 Report(s) and potential rollout options, e-book format

2. Roles and Responsibilities of Lead Authors, CLAs, NCADAC

3. Proposal for Reaching Consensus
1. Slides outlining format of the report

2. Roles and Responsibilities (tabled, later revised)

3. Proposal for Reaching Consensus (tabled, later revised)
April 10, 2012
Teleconference PDF 1. Modifications to the Scenarios, Indicators, International, and Sustained Assessment Working Groups

2. Discontinuation of the Request for Information (RFI); Information Quality Assurance (IQA); Engagement, Communications, and Evaluation (ECE); Regional Coordination; Sectoral Coordination; Science of Climate Change; Agenda for Climate Change Science; and Adaptation and Mitigation Working Groups

3. Formation of five new Working Groups: Report Integration; Regional Capacity; Sectoral Capacity; Engagement and Communication; and Decision Support, Adaptation, and Mitigation

4. Charge to the Executive Secretariat to propose membership for the new Working Groups and to develop a mission statement for the Report Integration Working Group

5. Feedback on the Roles and Responsibilities document

6. Proposal for Review Editor selection process
#1-4 Working Group Roles and Responsibilities document

#5-6 Review Editor Selection Process Document

Nov 16-17, 2011
Boulder, CO (NOAA) PDF 1. "General Principles Used in the Development of Guidance for Assuring Information Quality in the National Climate Assessment" document from Working Group #6: Information Quality Assurance

2. Working Group #10: Climate Change Science climate science frequently asked questions document development

3. Working Group #13: Indicators Development and Evaluation approach to developing indicators described in the "NCA Indicator Vision" document

4. Working Group #15: Sustained Assessment Process sustained assessment scope and approach as described in its four-page white paper

5. A new "decision support" chapter and separate, instead of combined, adaptation and mitigation chapters

6. Uncertainty guidelines for author teams, technical input providers

7. Chapter author and review editor roles

8. Timeline through July 1, 2013

9. Scope and approach described in the "Draft Guidance on 8 Priority Topics for the NCA" document for chapter authors and technical input teams
1. Information Quality Principles

2. Climate Science Frequently Asked Questions

3. Scope and approach to developing indicators

4. Scope and Approach to sustaining the Assessment

5. Uncertainty guidance

6. Compliance review role for review editors

7. Compliance review role for review editors

8. Report production timeline through July 1, 2013

9. Scope and approach described in priority topics guidance (to include decision support)
Aug 16-18, 2011
Crystal City, VA (EPA) PDF 1. Overall NCA structural concept and information flow for chapter author teams, Working Groups, and the full NCADAC

2. Overall approval of the NCA process including processes for technical inputs and responses to comments

3. General guidance for risk-based framing of the NCA

4. General guidance for communicating levels of (un)certainty

5. The International Context Working Group plan and potential chapter

6. Selection of the leads for the Sustained Assessment Process Working Group

7. Input to the Request for Information Working Group about how materials will be made available to chapter authors and criteria for inclusion or exclusion

8. Planning for a mechanism to include non-traditional materials and data of value (e.g., tribal data)

1. Assessment structure diagram and flow presentation

2. Outline of 2013 report

#3-4 Moss' Communicating Confidence Proposal

5. Recommendations for including global/international context

6. Draft Indicators Strategy slide presentation describing approach

7. NCADAC Working Group 6 (Quality Assurance and Data Management) Work Plan

8. n/a
May 20, 2011
Teleconference PDF 1. Interim Strategy and Draft Outline with approach recommendation as prepared by Working Group 1

2. Revised Engagement Strategy and the Request for Information with additional recommendations

3. General recommendations and specific sub-recommendations for climate, sea level rise, socioeconomic scenarios, participatory planning, and land use/land cover scenarios

4. Working Group 3 to work on scenarios in support of the overall assessment

5. Working Group 4 recommendation on deployment of the 2013 report

6. Working Group 4 recommendations to form subgroups on the use of information, peer review, and data management

7. Proposals and processes for future working groups
1a. Interim Strategy

1b. Draft Outline

2a. Engagement Strategy

2b. Request for Information

#3-7 n/a

April 4-6, 2011
Washington, D.C. (L'Enfant Hotel) PDF 1. Plan for principles and guidelines for peer review for the next NCADAC meeting

2. Process for moving forward after the NCADAC meeting to make decisions about documents

3. Ad hoc working group formation and NCADAC Chair selection
#1-3 n/a PDF