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altBill Emanuel is a Senior Scientist for the National Climate Assessment. He is on assignment from the Joint Global Change Research Institute (JGCRI) of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he conducts research on factors that affect atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations and their relationships to human activities. During the six years prior to joining JGCRI in 2009, he was assigned by the University of Virginia to serve as NASA Headquarters Program Scientist for Terrestrial Ecology and within the Agency's Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Focus Area.

Dr. Emanuel has over 30 years experience in carbon cycle and ecosystems research. His work at the University of Virginia to better represent fundamental processes in models of terrestrial carbon and nitrogen cycling helped clarify the physiological and environmental constraints that determine ecosystem attributes such as leaf area and canopy height. Dr. Emanuel received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Oklahoma State University.

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