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The following Workshop Summary Report was produced as a result of the New England Regional Climate Change Impacts Workshop, held September 5-7, 1997 at the New England Center, in Durham, NH.


The Full Report


Forward Letter

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Summary of Workshop Findings

Summary of Plenary Findings

Breakout Findings


Business and Insurance

Energy and Utilities

Government and Resource Management

Human Health

Information Transfer

Natural Resources

Recreation and Tourism


Appendix I: White Paper

Appendix II: Agenda

Appendix III:  Participant Affiliations

Appendix IV: Steering Committee

Appendix V: Participants

Appendix VI: Speaker papers

1. Birdsey: Potential impacts of climate change on forest resources in New England

2. Bloomfield, Hamburg: Summary: Seasons of change: global warming and New England's White Mountains

3. Carter: Global environmental change: modifying human contribution through education

4. Epstein: The impact of climate change on human health in New England

5. Fernandez: Climate change and forest ecosystems

6. Giese: Potential impacts of sea-level rise in Massachusetts

7. Irland: Stakeholder perceptions and concerns: Northeastern forest owners and industry

8. Juday: Assessment of actual and potential global warming effects on forests of Alaska

9. Keim: Implications of climate change on New England extreme weather events

10. Kimball: New England regional climate change impacts on recreation and tourism

11. Mayewski: Climate change lessons from the past: a key to prediction

12. Platts: Utilities response to climate change

13. Russell: An insurance industry perspective on climate change

14. Willard: EPA National and Regional I initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

15. Wolfe: Potential climate change impacts on New England agriculture