EPA’s Science Matters Newsletter Puts Spotlight on Climate Change Print E-mail
EPA's Science Matters Newsletter Puts Spotlight on Climate Change

Friday, July 26, 2013

Featured by EPA, a member of the U.S. Global Change Research Program

Heat waves. Drought. “Super” storms. Flooding. How do we put such events into perspective? And more importantly, how do we take collective action to mitigate and adapt to the increasingly clear evidence that the effects of climate change are unfolding? As the nation did decades ago when faced with threats to its air, water, and land—the first steps toward meeting environmental challenges start with science.

These are the issues addressed in a full edition of Science Matters, a publication put out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The newsletter explores the impacts of climate change and highlights the foundational role played by science to advance an understanding of the impacts of global change.

This issue of EPA’s Science Matters features stories on how Agency researchers and their partners are helping decision makers, communities, and individuals incorporate the latest science into strategies and actions designed to protect public human health and the environment in the face of a changing climate.

What EPA researchers are learning is bringing a strong scientific foundation to the expanding conversation on climate change. While such change and its effects present some of the greatest environmental challenges the nation—and the world—have faced since the establishment of EPA some 40 years ago, the science and engineering it will take to meet those challenges are well under way.

To read the full newsletter on the EPA website, please click here.