ICSU Earth System Visioning Open Forum, Paris, France 22 June 2010 Print E-mail

On 22 June, 2010, the International Council for Science (ICSU), in cooperation with the International Social Science Council (ISSC), will host in Paris an Open Forum to explore institutional frameworks that could effectively and successfully support the research and delivery of the Grand Challenges in global sustainability research. This Open Forum is intended to provide a platform to facilitate exchange of information and perspectives.

ICSU cordially invite all stakeholders and interested parties to attend and contribute their insights. Please register early at www.icsu-visioning.org/open-forum-regis, so that we can confirm your registration. Only those who have received confirmation of their registration and bring photo ID (e.g., passport) will be allowed to enter UNESCO, where the meeting is being held.

The deadline for registration is 4 June, 2010

The themes to be discussed at this event will include:

  • Grand Challenges in global sustainability research
  • Possible institutional frameworks to support the Grand Challenges research
  • Funding perspectives
  • Regional perspectives
  • Policy relevance/communication

Please find attached (and also posted on the website) the tentative agenda.  This will be finalised to take account of the expressed interests of those attending the meeting to ensure that all views can be heard and discussed.

All information on the Open Forum, including the logistics, can be found on the Visioning website at www.icsu-visioning.org/open-forum. Participants are expected to make their own travel and lodging arrangements; these costs will not be covered by the conference organizers.

Following the Open Forum, there will be a meeting between the co-sponsors of the four major global environmental change programmes (IOC, ISSC, IUBS, SCOPE, UNESCO, UNU, WMO), the four global environmental change programmes (DIVERSITAS, IGBP, IHDP, WCRP), ESSP and funding bodies. This 23-24 June meeting will be an invite-only event.  However, the results of the Open Forum will be fed directly into this meeting.

This is an important milestone in the effort to improve the ways in which global sustainability research is organized and conducted. It is important that all those who have a stake in this endeavor are able to have their voices heard. The Open Forum is designed for precisely this purpose, but is not the only or the last opportunity to provide input. We are very much aware that not everyone is able to travel to Paris for this occasion. But ICSU, in cooperation with the ISSC, will continue to work hard and utilize a variety of tools, including online consultation, to listen to the views of all stakeholders throughout the process.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at visioning@icsu.org. All issues relating to the Open Forum can be found at www.icsu-visioning.org/open-forum.