Employment Opportunity - Student Intern, Global Change Information System Coordinator Print E-mail

The USGCRP NCO is looking to hire a Student Assistant for the Global Change Information System (GCIS).  This position will assist with coordination of GCIS-related interagency working group(s), including meeting support, assisting with development of reports or other documents, identifying and mapping key concepts relevant to the GCIS, etc.

The internship position is located in Washington, DC at the NCO office, and can provide a workload opportunity for up to 20 hours/week during school and up to 40 hours/week during breaks, not to exceed 1000 hours in one 12-month period. Participation during GCIS Interagency Working Group meetings is mandatory, otherwise, the position offers a flexible schedule based on workload requirements.

Basic Job Function:

This position facilitates and carries out GCIS IWG meeting coordination and implementation, developing materials and other resources in support of the IWG activities as well as assists with content and data organization tasks for the GCIS program.

Duties Include:

  • Contributes to meeting coordination and implementation, develops materials and other resources to support the GCIS effort. Works with IWG co-chairs, plans and implements IWG meetings, as well as associated workstream meetings and teleconferences. Attends meetings for the GCIS IWG and related workstreams. Assists with meeting logistics, including developing meeting agendas, preparing pre-meeting materials, summarizing meeting discussions, and recording meeting decisions and actions.
  • Coordinates the development of IWG work group reports, including interacting with report contributors, integrating and editing input, managing interagency or intra-office review processes, and delivering final drafts.
  • Discovers and researches global change datasets and associated metadata relevant to on-going GCIS development. Edits and compiles existing metadata fields for inclusion into the GCIS. This may involve working with automated workflows and or manual text editing.
  • Identifies and maps key concepts and topics of relevant components, tags appropriate concepts and relationships between entities and integrates those components into the GCIS. Illustrates the relationships between relevant components and outcomes of Earth System Science studies. This may involve web-based research, browsing research papers, and/or communicating directly on behalf of the GCIS project with authors, program managers, and agency data center personnel.

Required Education and Experience:

Candidates must be enrolled in an accredited college, university or professional school in order to be eligible, with college level coursework in a relevant discipline such as earth systems or environmental sciences, geography, geoinformatics, human dimensions of global change, or other relevant fields including information or library science.

All candidates MUST apply online through the UCAR employment system in order to be considered for this position. Additional details on the position and instructions for applying can be found here.

Apply here. Applications due by Friday October 11, 2013.