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USGCRP enhances cooperation among international global change science organizations

USGCRP’s International Activities Interagency Working Group (IAIWG) convened its first international and interagency workshop in December 2018, bringing together representatives from System for Analysis, Research and Training (START), Future Earth, and the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). These three international programs receive funding through USGCRP to support their activities and to advance USGCRP’s international mandate. USGCRP was represented by ten Federal agencies as well as USGCRP staff. The workshop’s goals were to enhance awareness of mutual priorities, investments, and activities; and to identify areas where coordination could be most beneficial. Outcomes from this meeting include improved communications among USGCRP and the three international organizations supported by the program.

In November 2019, the IAIWG hosted a follow-on briefing between USGCRP member agencies, START, Future Earth, WCRP, and the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research to further strengthen coordination among these organizations and establish a foundation for the regular convening of USGCRP and the international programs it supports. Outcomes from the 2019 briefing included increased awareness of the international organizations’ priorities and activities and information-gathering exercises to identify specific coordination opportunities.

Open data initiatives were highlighted as potential areas for future cross-collaboration, including preparations for a data assimilation network and a Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report coordinated by WCRP, NOAA, and NASA. The group also agreed to establish an understanding of the current programming and activity landscape through development of a cross-organizational list of current and planned activities. This activity is ongoing.