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Fifth National Climate Assessment - Read the Report

Sixth National Climate Assessment

The Sixth National Climate Assessment (NCA6) will analyze the impacts of climate and global change in the United States.

The development of NCA6 is overseen by a Federal Steering Committee appointed by the Subcommittee on Global Change Research (SGCR) and comprising representatives from USGCRP agencies. NOAA, as the administrative agency for NCA6, is responsible for establishing procedures for the report, releasing Federal Register Notices, and certifying the report meets Information Quality Act and Evidence Act standards. 

The process is designed to be transparent and inclusive, offering multiple opportunities for public participation. As in previous assessments, NCA6 will undergo an extensive, multi-phase process of internal and external review from federal agency experts, the general public, and a panel of experts to be established by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 

This approach is designed to result in a report that is authoritative, timely, relevant, and policy neutral; valued by authors and users; accessible to the widest possible audience; and fully compliant with the Global Change Research Act and other applicable laws and policies.

The NCA6 Federal Steering Committee (NCA6 FSC) consists of representatives of the USGCRP member agencies. In consultation with the Subcommittee on Global Change Research, the NCA6 FSC is responsible for the development, production, and content of NCA6. The NCA6 FSC is charged with overseeing development of technical content and with conducting high-level scoping of the report to ensure coherence, relevance, and responsiveness to the Global Change Research Act and the USGCRP Strategic Plan. The NCA6 FSC is also responsible for ensuring that the report development process is robust and that it adheres to the principles of engagement and transparency that are crucial to the process of conducting sustained assessments.

Read the NCA6 FSC Terms of Reference

  1. March 2024

    Federal Steering Committee established

  2. Spring/Summer 2024

    Public call for comment on draft prospectus; public call for nominations for Chapter Leads, Chapter Authors, and Technical Contributors; public call for scientific/technical inputs

  3. Summer 2024

    Coordinating Lead Authors and Chapter Leads selected

  4. Fall 2024

    Chapter Authors selected

  5. Spring 2025

    Interagency review of chapter outlines

  6. Summer 2025

    Public comment on proposed chapter outlines; public engagement

  7. Summer/Fall 2025

    First drafts developed

  8. Spring 2026

    Agency review; Review Editors nomination and selection

  9. Fall 2026/Winter 2027

    Public and National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reviews of draft

  10. Summer 2027

    Authors revise draft in response to reviews

  11. Summer/Fall 2027

    Final revisions and final agency reviews

  12. Late 2027