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Fifth National Climate Assessment - Read the Report

National Climate Assessments

USGCRP has four major sets of responsibilities, as defined by the Global Change Research Act (GCRA): (a) coordinating global change research across the Federal Government, (b) developing and distributing mandated products, (c) helping to inform decisions, and (d) facilitating international research coordination.  

In addition to an annual report to Congress and a Strategic Plan, the GCRA mandates that USGCRP prepare and submit to the President and the Congress a quadrennial assessment, referred to as the National Climate Assessment (NCA), which: 

  • Integrate[s], evaluate[s], and interpret[s] the findings of the Program and discuss[es] the scientific uncertainties associated with such findings

  • Analyze[s] the effects of global change on the natural environment, agriculture, energy production and use, land and water resources, transportation, human health and welfare, human social systems, and biological diversity

  • Analyze[s] current trends in global change, both human-induced and natural, and project[s] major trends for the subsequent 25 to 100 years

NCA5 was released in November 2023. Please visit for information on the NCA5 development process and engagement opportunities.

Past National Climate Assessment reports: