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Fifth National Climate Assessment - Read the Report

Audiobook - Overview: Understanding risks, impacts, and responses

Release Date: 11-14-2023

Audiobook - Overview: Understanding risks, impacts, and responses

This is a recorded audiobook reading of the summary chapter of the Fifth National Climate Assessment titled, “Overview: Understanding risks, impacts, and responses.” Listeners can also read the Overview chapter on the NCA5 website.

For navigation purposes, the episode is split into chapters, corresponding to the 5 major sections of the Overview. Those sections are:

  • Section 1: How the United States is Addressing Climate Change (starts at 01:28)

  • Section 2: How the United States is Experiencing Climate Change (starts at 13:00)

  • Section 3: Current and Future Climate Risks to the United States (starts at 22:04)

  • Section 4: The Choices That Will Determine the Future, and (starts at 48:26)

  • Section 5: How Climate Action Can Create a More Resilient and Just Nation. (starts at 56:11)

The Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5) Companion Podcast is a limited series intended to introduce the report, showcase the perspectives of NCA5 authors and staff, and demonstrate how the Assessment can help inform decisions.

NCA5, which was released in fall 2023, is the US. Government’s preeminent report on climate change impacts, risks, and responses across the Nation. It is a congressionally mandated, interagency effort that brings together hundreds of experts from federal, state, and local governments, as well as the academic, non-profit, and private sectors.


Narrator: Chris Avery, NCA Chief of Staff
Producers: Chris Avery, Allison Crimmins
Editing, Mixing, and Scoring: Mallory Hinks
Additional support: Allyza Lustig, Laurie Howell, Aaron Grade, and Michael Kuperberg
Music: AudioCoffee
Cover image: Chris Avery
Financial support: NSF

This podcast is produced by the US Global Change Research Program. All rights reserved.

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