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Fifth National Climate Assessment - Read the Report

Photo of Dave Dokken

Dave Dokken

Senior International Assessment Lead

Dave Dokken serves as a Senior International Assessment Lead for USGCRP's National and International Assessments activities. In this role, he aids in the development of USGCRP's scientific reports, and facilitates mechanisms to ensure participation of the nation's leading scientific experts. He also provides support to the Department of State and U.S. IPCC Vice-Chair.

Previously, he served as Deputy Director of USGCRP, serving as an editor and designing/producing the program’s annual report to the President and Congress (FY2004 through FY2009 editions of Our Changing Planet) and its Strategic Plan and Vision documents (issued in 2003). He possesses vast experience with the IPCC process—including both peer review and production—having co-edited three IPCC assessments, three special reports, and two technical papers. He conceptualized and oversaw publications and review innovations of benefit to the IPCC as a whole, and prepared the schedules and work plans to ensure timely launch of all WG2 deliverables for the Second, Third, and Fifth assessment report cycles.

Dave obtained an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, and a Master's in Professional Writing and Editing from George Mason University.