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Photo of Dr. Julie Morris

Dr. Julie Morris

Associate Director

Dr. Julie Morris' work focuses on the interagency development of a decadal USGCRP Strategic Plan that links new research and improved capabilities to societal use, and its implications for implementation planning. She works with USGCRP leadership and staff to: develop the framework and process for strategic planning to ensure that the Strategic Plan reflects the breadth of USGCRP priority activities; coordinate support for the interagency Writing and Integration Teams tasked with producing the plan; facilitate multi-agency, NRC and public review of the draft Strategic Plan; and provide input to implementation planning.

Julie comes to the NCO from NSF, where she served a four-year rotation as Director of the Ocean Sciences Division. She served as an Acting Co-chair for the Joint Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology, and contributed to development of the decadal Interagency Ocean Research Priorities Plan, the first Inter-Agency Ocean Priorities Memo, and the initiation of a 12-agency NRC study on "Critical Infrastructure for Ocean Research and Societal Needs in 2030." She also served as NSF's representative to the Ocean Policy Task Force's Working Committee. At NSF, Julie established new funding lines for Ocean Acidification in 2007; contributed to NSF's Climate Research Investment solicitations; developed white papers for a possible NSF emphasis on societal, physical, and biological science research in coastal regions; and completed the planning and initiated construction for a new research vessel to operate at the ice edge and an in-situ ocean observing system oriented toward priority research needs.